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For more advice on flower delivery and gifts for special occasions, see the information below.


Contact Petals Florist Network

We look forward to hearing from you! Choose from the options below:

Contact Petals Online

Contact us regarding a previous order(Click this link if you'd like to send a message to Petals or the florist who will be filling your order. Have your order/receipt number handy)

Check how your order is progressing(Click this link if you'd like to check how your order is progressing, or if you'd like to send Petals a message about your order. Have your receipt/order number handy)

Email us directly(Click this link if you have a question that doesn't fit into any of the above categories!)

Contact Petals via Telephone

Free call (within Australia) 1800 PETALS (1800 738 257)
Free call (within New Zealand) 0508 PETALS (0508 738 257)
International Number +61 2 6774 9200

Contact Petals via Post

Petals Network Pty Ltd
PO Box 341
Armidale NSW 2350

Australian Business Number (ABN): 58-149-730-594

For more information about Petals Click here

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