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Substitution Policy

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Substitution Policy

Petals Network Pty Ltd and its Members reserve the right to make fair and reasonable substitutions according to the practical availability of specific flower types and containers worldwide. This document outlines Petals Network's Policy for Order Substitutions as a guideline for florist Members.

When a florist Member receives a flower order from Petals Network, every effort must be made to create an arrangement of the shape, size and colour and using any flower varieties specified, according to the order description. Specific flower types may be indicated on the order, either by actual description or in the content of an item from the Petals Network Selection Guide.

In the case where a specific flower type or colour is unavailable within the given time frame of delivery, substitutions may be made within the arrangement to achieve the same overall shape, style and colour effect and to ensure that the order is delivered on time.

Except where the selling florist has indicated that there be no substitution, Petals members will always give priority in decreasing order of importance to:

  1. delivery time of the order, followed by
  2. colour preferences, followed by
  3. the overall style of the arrangement, followed by
  4. specific flower varieties

Flowers of a similar shape, size and value but different type and colour may be used if other flowers in the arrangement substitute for that colour and the overall effect of the arrangement is maintained.

In arrangements of a single flower variety (eg rose bouquet), the flower variety will take precedence over colour.

Quality complaints must be received within 2 weeks of delivery. A photo is highly recommended for quick resolution to quality complaints. Non delivery complaints must be received within 1 month of the delivery date. Complaints received after this time frame will be considered on an individual basis.

Petals recommends that Members encourage their customers to indicate a second choice in their order description to allow for any difficulty in supplying the order to exact specification.

Orders must always be done to the full retail value of the order.

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