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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Below is a sample of unsolicited customer feedback and testimonials over the years since 1992 when Petals (and more recently Grumleys) started operations.  We have kindly been given permission to publish their comments here.  We appreciate this feedback and pass it on to our member florists. 

We also offer reviews on individual florists and gift suppliers each time you send an order and on the Petals Worldwide Florist Directory (and other) sites. 

If you have used our service and would like to submit a review or testimonial, please fill in the feedback form on this site or email .  If you have thoughts on how we can improve our service, please also send them in as we value your suggestions.

Dear Petals!
Thanks for your VERY successful delivery of flowers to my mother on Mother's Day.
Received with perfect timing and very generous bunch, lovely colours. Will use your service again, the best I have found.
Thank you for all your help making a special day for my elderly mother,
Dear Petals
excellent reliable and prompt will be using petals again


I have been sending flowers to Germany for 6 years and never may I say
never, have I been so please. I was not sure if my daughter was going away
or not sa I waited to send flowers for her birthday until the last minute.
Never did I think in a million years they could be delivered today, but they
were at 8:30 this morning Germany time. My daughter said they were
beautiful!!!!! Thank you so very much...I will never use another flower
site again. Carmella Price, USA


Thankyou so much for processing my order so quickly. Dad said the flowers are beautiful and hopefully they will help him on the road to a speedy recovery. Again thankyou and I look forward to using "Petals" again soon.


I would just like to thank the Petals network for the wonderful flowers delivered to my cousin in the UK. It was comforting to know that my thoughts were conveyed to her via your flowers on the loss of my dear Aunt. And a big thank you to the man who delivered them for taking the time and trouble to go so far. once again THANK YOU.


Thank you very much for your timely reminder I have never been aware of the occurrence of Mothers Day in the UK this will be the first time in 35 years my Mum will have had her flowers at the right time. a great moment and it is all because you do your job so well thank you very much.........d.


Good Day

I would just like to say thank you so much for delivering such magnificent flowers to my Aunt who is in hospital.

I had ordered flowers and received an email from my family to say they were beautiful. What really impressed me was the fact that the florist had gone beyond the call of duty and actually added a couple of angels to the arrangement (I had written on the card to my aunt that we were sending a few extra angels to keep her company, and the florist had placed some in the bowl). It was really unexpected and truly thoughtful of him/her. Please could you pass on my appreciation to the person responsible.

I will most certainly be passing your name around, fantastic!

Kind Regards,



Id like to take the time to THANK all of ya'll for delivering my order on time and for adding the items that I requested to be added. The arrangement DEFINITELY brightened her stay in the hospital. A "happy ending" if you will... she totally loved the arrangement and I love the fact that ya'll added a little extra other than strictly what I asked for... she sure enjoyed it. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH !!!

I will absolutely use this company for my future floral needs and will definitely refer this company to anyone I know needing flowers.

a customer for "life",
James Johnson


From Todd
To: Narelle, Katie

Narelle, Katie and everyone else,

Just wanted to let you know that my order was delivered at the time I had asked and she loved the flowers. It was totally unexpected and absolutely made her day. Thankfully, that was my hope all along.

Your website was a tremendous help and your follow up emails were greatly appreciated. I'll definitely use your service again and recommend you to friends as well.

Thanks a million,


From: Mark

I just ordered some flowers through your website and I thought I would tell you that it was very easy and a satisfying experience.


From: Louise Sinclair

Re: Bouquet and delivery
The comments regarding the outstanding quality and arrangement of flowers received by my Mother has prompted me to respond. When living overseas it is difficult to ensure that on line providers deliver the best. In the past I have used another large florist network and certainly not received such a positive feedback. In fact, it was the lack of such comments which ensured that I look elsewhere. Please pass on my thanks to the florist responsible. I will certainly use your service again.
Louise Sinclair


From: Michelle McFerran

She said she absolutely LOVED the flower arrangement. I use every year and I am always VERY happy and pleased with the way you all do arrangements. Thank you so very much. I am sorry I was so worried. Being here in the states, it's hard to track things down sometimes. Thanks again for everything! As always, wonderful job!



From: Trish Southan
Subject: Praise

I just wanted to pass on my thanks and praise for the wonderful flowers & gift delivered under my order above. Last night I received photos of what I had sent, and they look wonderful. My friend is still praising how wonderful the flowers were, and how well they are lasting (even after 1 1/2 weeks). I was the recipient of some very "sad" flowers sent to me recently, and at considerably more expense than what I was able to afford on my order. It is great to see such a wonderful and highly professional service being offered by your organisation, and would be grateful if you could pass my comments on to the florist concerned. 
Trish Southan
Bridgestone New Zealand Limited


From: Beverley Causey-Smith
Subject: I love giving flowers to close friends. I like the way flowers light up a face as well as a room!

To whom it may concern:

Thank you very much for the lovely flowers which I ordered on behalf of a dear friend in Victoria, British Columbia, Mrs. Rita Darling, on March 8,

They arrived and certainly cheered up my dear friend! She loved the combination of yellow roses and pastel pink lilies which I mentioned when I placed the order for the bouquet. She was kind enough to email me a beautiful picture that I share with you in this mail.

I look forward to dealing with your company again when I need the
magical gift of flowers for someone dear.

With kind regards,
Beverley Causey-Smith, St. George's, Bermuda

"As you can see they are absolutely gorgeous and I am still thrilled.


From: Sandy Standing

Dear Petals Network Team

I would just like to Thank you for being able to process and deliver my
somewhat late floral delivery request I placed yesterday ( well more like
the early hours UK time today 15/1/04) for my sisters Birthday. I have
spoken with her this morning and she was very very happy to have received
the beautiful arrangement you put together on her actual birthday.

Thanks again for your efforts - Much appreciated

Kind regards

Sandy Standing


From: E. Marcela Solorzano

To Whom It May Concern
Thank you so much for delivering the flowers on timer to my boyfriend when I placed the order the night before! Your service is definitely reliable due to short notice and the great distance; you made my boyfriend's day/birthday special because of your commitment and that meant a lot!
e. Marcela Solorzano


From: Janice Buckland

How very much I appreciate your service!
This email had just arrived before I spoke to my Aunt in Australia. She had just taken delivery of the flowers. She is delighted. Your timing was just right and has helped to make a sad time for us all a little easier.
Janice Buckland.


From: Dallas Gibaud

Thank you so much for making sure my later order arrived on time, what a great organization your is! Perfect! Thank you Again!
Dallas Gibaud


From: Allan Ashley

We have used Petals Online before and we wish to express our gratitude for the efficiency, quality and value-for-money of their service. We fell totally confident in recommending this service to an and all of our friends.
Allan Ashley


From: Mike and Rita Hatcher

Just a note to let you know that your site is excellent and more or less idiot proof. My mum had flowers from you some time ago at home - she is at present in hospital and thought them amongst the best she had ever had.Thought you ought to know what we thought
Mike and Rita Hatcher


From: Kaylene Kurtzer
Subject: New Petals Site

I have just used Petals again through the a2k website and I am very
impressed with the new layout of your website. It looks great and it was easy to locate what I wanted. Well done!


From: David Newlyn
Subject: Many Thanks

G'day Petals People,

Please accept our thanks x3. We sent our third gift via petals recently all extremely well received. One to; Mt. Gambia S.A.; Melbourne & Sydney-we live half way between Syd.&Melb.-. The last one was to my step mum in hospital. The Bouquet ($45 deal) was a real 'hit' with 'mum, fellow patients & staff, raising comments on the arrangement of roses & accompanying "blue flowers" on a hydrange base. Full points to you & your teams for tasteful & exquisite arrangements presented promptly, economically & professionally.
You are assured of our continued support, may you stay well & prosper, kindest regards
David & Carole Newlyn : )


From: Dmitry
Subject: Re: Petals Order 3392.001405

Dear Bianca and Lindy,
I want to express my great gratitude. Great thanks to you and your colleagues for your work. Everybody who saw the bouquet says that it is amazing. Now I'll always be using Petals Network and recommend your service for all my friends.
Best regards and wishes,


From: Elizabeth Dean

I've been sending flowers by Petals to India and Poland and your service is
Brilliant. Thank you very much.


From: Margaret Ravaillion
To: Petals Network HQ
Subject: Thank you

I would just like to say Thank you very much for sending the beautiful flowers so quickly that I ordered through the Amway website that were delivered to Nambour Hospital yesterday. The 83 year old recipient received them just prior to her life threatening operation yesterday which lifted her with excitement from a bad state of depression just before she had went into the operating theatre. I was slightly reluctant to send them through the internet because I wasnít sure if it would be processed as quickly as ringing it through, but I am very loyal to the Amway website which made me decide to try it. I was so glad I did, and I wish to thank you once again for getting the flowers to the recipient so quickly. It made such a big difference to her before the operation. I havenít seen the flowers myself, but I received two phone calls last night from relatives thanking me and telling me how beautiful they are.

Thanks again from a very satisfied customer,

Margaret Ravaillion.


Name: Sehun Kim
Subject: Thank You

I am deeply grateful for your good delivery. My daughter was surprised with the gift sets that you sent on her birthday. I'll be sure to use your gift delivery system again in the future.
Sincerely yours,


From: John Fisher
Subject: Thanks from Canada!

Thanks for a fantastic same-day delivery to our daughter-in-law whose birthday we missed. A digital photograph was sent the same day, showing your beautiful bouquet of flowers. Great value. Great service. Please post this message where all involved can see it.
Heartfelt thanks from Canada guys!
John & Luella Fisher


From: Chris Sonntag
Subject: Thank You

Dear Petals,

I would like to commend you and your team for a great service and for going the extra mile in dealing with a special request that came at a time of lose and pain with the death of a close family friend.

I received a call from London around 12 midnight from my daughter asking if I could arrange to have flowers at the funeral of Grandmother who had tragically past away. The funeral being the next day at 10 am. We knew the town where it was being held ,the church, but no street address or phone number ,we did have a deadline though.

I informed my daughter I would give it my best shot and so here I am.

I had been recommended to your site through the a2k site and having found the produced best suited to our needs followed the prompts and came to the place for special instructions. Here I apologised for the lack of information supplied and asked you to give it your best shot.

When I arrived at the venue myself, early so as I could find it in plenty of time the flowers at the stage had not arrived. The guest and families arrived and moved into the church and I thought I may have to take them to the house latter. But as the last of the guest were being seated a car pulled up in the car park I had a window seat] one of your team emerged caring the requested flowers ,he was meet by one of the attendants who very formerly took them to the front placed them on show with the others gave me a thumbs up on the way passed.

The best part was the flowers were from two grand sons who are living in England at the moment and could not be there in person but wish to be part of this special celebration of their Grandmothers life. After the flowers were placed there one of the family members wailed over and checked the card and was able to inform the family members that the boys had remembered and were part of this special family time.

So Jill to you and your team at Petals Network The family thanks you all for a fine effort that really made a difference on the day.

I would highly recommend your service and product.

Again thank you.

Chris Sonntag.


From: Helen Lawrence
Subject: Re: Petals Order Confirmation

Dear Petals,

What prompt service! Thanks. My mother is unwell at the moment, having recently been diagnosed with Leukaemia. Living a long way from her in Switzerland makes it hard, so I decided to send her some flowers to cheer her up. I ordered the flowers at 11pm here and they were at my mother's door in Geelong within a few hours. I requested pink and in her thank you note, my mother mentioned how pretty all the pink flowers were.

So, thanks again. Your efficient service really put a smile on my mother's face.

Helen Lawrence
Zurich, Switzerland


From: Bill Purcell
Subject: RE: Flowers order

Yet another note of congratulations for a job well done. The timing was perfect and my wife loved the selection of flowers.
Be assured of my recommendation to others after my two very positive transactions with your fine network.
May you prosper,


From: Janet Bannister
Subject: Delivery

Thank you so much for your prompt delivery of the flowers I sent to my Mother, it was absolutely fantastic. I have never been able to get flowers delivered actually to her door before, let alone within hours.

The arrangement was apparently beautiful and Mum was delighted, please express my thanks to all concerned, including the shop in Korindi, which I believe has only recently opened.

I will definitely recommend you to others and will be a regular customer.

Thank you all again,



From: Greg Robins
Subject: Petals Network Internet Order

My sister received the fruit and flowers on schedule and is very happy with them. I'm thrilled that the Internet ordering work so easily and the delivery was so prompt.
Well done, I will use you again,
Greg Robins


From: Shahid
Subject: Petals Feedback

Thank you very much for the prompt help. I was delighted and very impressed. I had made a mistake when I wanted the flowers to be delivered and you guys helped me out by changing the order date in time.

Thanks again. You're the best!


From: Judi Purss
Subject: Petals Feedback

I understand that the 'Plant and Fruit basket I ordered for deliver for Friday, was fantastic. Congratulations on a job well done. I have ordered flowers on the internet before and felt I didn't get value for money. Was reluctant to try again and am pleased I did.

Many thanks,

Judi Purss


From: Louise Abrams
Subject: Thanks to Jill and Petals Network

Dear Jill,

Thanks again for delivering flowers to my Aunt. It's never easy to send flowers or purchase through the internet, and when you're thousands of miles from home like I am (holidaying in America) it is even harder. Did they get the order? Were the flowers delivered?

Well, I did have problems with the connection when I ordered from you, and it was reassuring to know you were there behind the web pages, making sure everything worked out well. I was very impressed by your service, and from all the other comments in your testimonials page, it seems you're an expert at great service!!

Thanks again, I will be sure to recommend you to everyone flower lover I know!

Kind Regards,

Louise Abrams


From: Mirsada Muzur
Subject: Re: Petals Internet Order


What a wonderful service! I have just been on the phone to the hospital where the basket arrangement I ordered was delivered - my Dad, the nurses and even the doctor commented on how beautiful the arrangement is - thank you!

A beautiful arrangement, delivered on time, at a reasonable price within hours of ordering - what more could one ask for!?!?

I will be using your service again soon. As an Australian living overseas this is the perfect way to let the people back home know that I am thinking of them on important occasions.

Mirsada Muzur
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina


From: Suzanne Chaney




From: Don Sligh, USA
Subject: Petals feedback

Last month we sent a gift basket to relatives in Australia through
your company. This was our first experience doing business over the
internet and needless to say we were a little nervous about giving
our credit card number to someone in another country. We have 
received word from family members that the gift basket was very 
lovely and just as you had described and our credit card bill was 
right in line with your currency converter. Needless to say we are 
extremely pleased with the treatment we have received from Petals 
Inc and plan to use your services again.


From: Arline Coffelt
Denver, Colorado, USA
Subject: Petals Internet Order

From the United States - I was exceedingly pleased by the service 
provided by Petals Network - on very short notice they delivered a 
beautiful birthday basket to my son as a surprise for his birthday 
while he was in Australia - I couldn't have accomplished this without
the Petals website and email - and Petals came through with flying 


From: Paul Cattin
Subject: Petals Internet Order

You took care of my order very well last time, and I wanted to 
thank you for such excellent service. I look forward to more 
business with you.


From: Mira Baird
Subject: thanks again ..

I placed two orders last week for my Dad who is very ill in
hospital (I'm flying out tomorrow to Sydney from Germany) and
I wanted you to know that the flowers arrived within 24 hours
and he was really happy - boosted his spirits tremendously
- in any case, I rang his hospital on June 2 and spoke to the
night sister for the hospital address, then jumped online
and placed the order through Petals for the following day
and when she came back on shift again the following evening
the flowers had arrived!

Everyone was amazed and it was the talk of the ward!
Thanks - your service's efficiency means a lot especially
right now.

Mira Baird


From:Mira Baird
Subject: thanks

I ordered flowers for my mother's birthday not so long ago
and I wanted to say that your service was terrific.
I live in Germany and often it's hard to know if the delivery
was actually what I ordered, but in your case my mother was
thrilled to bits and the flowers were delivered exactly on time.

Mira Baird


From: Dee Johnson
Subject: Re order 10075

My daughter currently living in Singapore sent me the most
beautiful basket of flowers which were delivered to my place
of work on Thursday 22nd April. 
They were much admired by the rest of the staff and are still
in a beautiful condition at my home after nearly one week.
I am sure my daughter appreciated the fact that she was able to
order them on the internet and know they would be delivered 
to me before I left work early that day.
Deirdre Johnson          


From: Liu, Jack
To: ''
Subject: RE: Petals Internet Order

Dear Natalie,

Thank you for a mastery touch with the presentation
and arrangement that brightened up the day of a dear friend
and a Bride-to-be.
Of course not to forget the impressive Petal's associate in Brisbane.

I am very impressed that the request was handled so well.
I put to you a somewhat troublesome and picky order,
and I am touched with the classy and professional style that
you were able to show.

Well done, and thank you once again.
I am sure to use and recommend your service in the future.

Yours Sincerely,



From: Lilly Toala
To: ''
Subject: RE: Order to Sydney

Just want to thank "Petals" for their prompt service and
response to my urgent e-mail... I needed to send flowers to
my parents for their anniversary and using another service
would have meant it may have been delayed a day.
The delivery charges I found were much more comparable
than if I had to order from here in New Zealand.
So thank you once again "Petals"...
my parents really appreciated
the fruit and flowers.

from a "soon to be regular customer"
Lilly Toala


From: Terry Payne 
Subject: Re: Petals Internet Order          

Dear Scott Williams:          

When I wanted to send roses from the States to a very special person
living in Australia, I initially inquired with local florists and was 
informed of a 3 to 4 day delivery time plus an additional international fee.
Also, the local florists cautioned that they could not guarantee the 
quality of flowers.  I decided not to place the order.          

After returning home I found your site on the Internet.  
Within minutes I had viewed the floral arrangements and sent a 
delivery request to you. Petals immediately notified me that the flowers
would be delivered that day. It was almost too easy.  
A couple of hours later I received a telephone call from a very happy
friend who said the roses had been received and were beautiful.                         

Petals made this possible in a fraction of the time and at half the costs
as compared to my local florists.  I just want to thank you for your 
quality product and fast, friendly service.  Your web page is bookmarked 
and I will be calling on you again.          

PS. You're service is very prompt.  Cess has already received the roses
and loves them.  Thank you very much for doing such a great job.  Have a
>wonderful weekend!          

Terry Payne          


From: Darren ;
To: Scott Williams <>
Subject: Great Service          

"Ordering flowers through Petals Network was far too easy.
I placed the order at around 7.15am (Australian time) on a 
Saturday morning for a friend who urgently needed cheering up 
and just after lunchtime they had been delivered.          

The quality selection of flowers really did the trick.
Prior to discovering Petals Network I had tried to 
use a 'large well known' flower distribution chain 
but their web site was so user-unfriendly and despite
assuring me that I didn't need a password unless 
I was a regular customer, it kept insisting I entered one
and then wouldn't show me where to register!          

So think local seems to be the key here. 
Even the international time zones didn't cause a problem
- I was working in Finland, away from my home base in
the United Kingdom and needed to send some instant cheer
- Petals Network came to the rescue and the next time I need
to send some good cheer in Australia they will 
once again 'get the call'          

++-M2 Communications Ltd          


From: Spence
To: "" <>
Subject:  Re: Re: Your Petals Flower Order          


"When you're stuck on one side of the world and important family 
events are happening without you at home - thank God for the Internet 
and the "Petals Network", they really came through!  
My wife told me," they are the most beautiful we've ever seen. 
Jaz loved them very much". 
Thank you, Petals Network.          

Ron Spencer          


From: Mark
To: Scott Williams <>          

Thank you SO much!  I just heard from Isabel and she said
the flowers are gorgeous.  Also, thanks for getting back 
to me with the confirmation.  Boy, is this world getting
high-tech when I can order flowers for delivery across the world!!!
    I'll make sure to use you again in the future and spread the word here
in Boston.          



From: "Julie Power"
Subject: Re: Your Petals Flower Order          

Dear Petals          

Thank you for sending such a lovely bunch of flowers
for my mothers birthday.
Thank you for your promptness in response to my order.
I was very impressed and as a first time customer 
will definitely use your ordering system when I
need to in the future. Keep up the good work
Julie Power
Satisfied Customer  


Subject: Data posted to form 1
Name:        Cheri Ertel


I want you to know that you were a life saver.
I have been sick and have not been able to shop
for a gift for my Australian friend, I live in America. Anyway, I found 
your site from and I ordered a Basket. It was 7:00 PM on the 
22nd here and my friend received it in the afternoon on the 23rd there. 
So, in reality, for me, she received it in like three hours from my 
ordered, That is fantastic and she loved it. Thank you so much, I will 
use your site again and I will tell everyone about you.

Cheri Ertel
Westminster, California USA


Sent: 26 December 1999 5:48
Subject: Re: Petals Internet Order: 12105

Dear Jill,
I spoke with my friends in West Pymble yesterday (it was early Christmas
morning there) and they told me how beautiful the flowers were that arrived
on Christmas Eve. Apparently they were delivered by a florist just minutes
away from where they live.
I am delighted that you were able to fill my order at such a late date.
Thank you!



Sent: 25 December 1999 7:46
Subject: Re: Petals Internet Order

I just wanted to say thanks so much for an outstanding job! My friend was
ecstatic over her plants
that you sent. She said they were beautiful and so big that she could barely
see her granddaughter
past them when the child was carrying them to her! I've never ordered
something for anyone in another
country before. You've made it all a very agreeable experience indeed! :-)

God Bless you and have a VERY Blessed Christmas and a joyous and prosperous
New Millennium!

Mary Kay Young


Sent: 8 December 1999 13:11
Subject: Thanks, I hope this is what you were looking for!

Dear Jill:

     I wanted to say thank you for helping my surprise for a very special
person turn out perfect!  I was a little worried about ordering flowers for
someone without seeing them first, but after he got them I realized all my
worries were for nothing.  "Not only were they in as much of a surprised
state as I was as to the size of them and their intense blood red color;
they are about 3 ft tall and absolutely magnificent!"  Those are the 
words used by the recipient of the dozen roses I sent.  Once again thank 
you and I will be using your services a lot in the years to come. It's 
great knowing you can rely on someone to help in showing those you care 
about how special they are when your 7,000 miles away and can't do it 

Thanks a million,
April Waughtel


Sent: 10 January 2000 10:09

I just wanted to drop a line and tell u what a fantastic job you
guys did. I am from Canada and i wanted to send flowers to a friend 
in Cranbourne. I was a little leery if they would get there but man 
did u surprise me when they got there on the right day and within 
2 hours that i had specified. She loved them. I also wanted to say 
thanks to Kristy for responding to my email which asked how much 
they (roses) would cost in Canadian dollars and she got right back 
to me with a price. Very personal service I like that. Anyways just 
wanted to say thanks a million and I will definitely use u in the 
                                    Yours truly Shawn Cornwall


Sent: 26 January 2000 7:25
Subject: flowers

Just a quick line to say that my sister was delighted with the flowers/champagne/balloons that arrived for her birthday.  I believe that there was a problem with the number of the house (I did not find this out until after the delivery as I don't check my e-mail that frequently), anyway they all arrived at the right place at the right time and I was assured that the flowers were beautiful.

Thank-you for your efforts.

Jan Margetts


Sent: 27 January 2000 21:24
Subject: RE: Petals Internet Order

Re Order Number: 12423

This is the first time I have used your service & I just wanted to say that my Mother is thrilled with the flowers she received - all her favourites and lots of them.

Many thanks for the great service & especially the speedy delivery!




Sent: 5 February 2000 13:01
Subject: testimonial

Dear Jill,

I would like to thank you for sending the rose I had ordered to my girlfriend.  She was more than happy with it.

You have an excellent service at a low price, and unlike other companies you deliver fast.

Keep up the good work!

Kind Regards,

Amar Biseswar


Sent: 28 March 2000 01:33
Subject: Petals Feedback

Re orders 13212/3/4

I would like to thank you very much for the "brilliant" collection of flowers, plants, wine, chocolates, fruit and balloons you delivered to my sister for her 30th birthday.  It was good to know that from half way around the world, we could still make a difference to her day, through your excellent services.

Thanks again


Sent: 17 May 2000 19:57
Subject: Flowers to Mum

I would like to thank you for your help last week when I was unable, through Amway, to order flowers for Mum's day.

I know this is a bit late, but better late than never.

My mother is 94 years old and was so pleased with the selection of flowers that were chosen for her.
Once again, thank you.

You made a wonderful Mum from Culburra so happy, and she said the colours were the best she has ever had.
Once again, thank you.

May Goodman


Sent: 26 May 2000 6:19
Subject: RE: Petals Internet Order

I just wanted to thank you for the flower delivery. My daughter was thrilled with the flowers and said the bouquet was HUGE and absolutely beautiful. It was perfect. Thanks for offering such a good service.

Kindest regards,

Ruth Irwin


Sent: 6 June 2000 12:53
Subject: Re Order Number 14765

The roses are so beautiful!! Thank-you yet again for your sensational service and exquisite display of flowers. Skye was completely overwhelmed, but absolutely delighted with their magnificence. 

Their arrival was perfectly timed, as she had only arrived home five minutes prior. It was one of those special moments that we will all have the pleasure of sharing, and I thank you again for helping me to add that little bit of magic to their celebrations!!

With Regards,

Adrienne Standerwick.


Name: Rosemary Smuts Date: 12/10/2000 Time: 4:25:59 PM Flowers delivered in Johannesburg South Africa were "absolutely awesome". Many thanks.


Name: Alessia Salvatore Date: 25/10/2000 Time: 11:21:59 AM Hi, just wanted to say thanks for carrying out the delivery I requested perfectly! I had never used your service before and will now come back and recommend to others! Thanks again, Alessia


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